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The story of an unsuccessful attempt by a group of young people to escape the absurdity of civilization.

Alienated and tired of civilization, a group of people flee to the top of the mountain, on vacation. Strangers to each other, trying to get closer, longing for intimate contact, for a little love and understanding. However, misunderstanding is insurmountable. Tucked into their shells, they surrender to their loneliness. The call of the horn, the call of civilization, warns them that their vacation is over and they should return to the city – the eternal desert.

This film depicts everlasting topical themes of absurdity, alienation and loneliness of young people in modern civilization. It is particularly relevant to today’s generation that often socialises at a distance via smartphones and social media.

Klakson is one of the first films made during the Serbian “new wave” in the 60s and its director Kokan Rakonjac is one of the most inventive authors of this period. Although he passed away too early, he is remembered for his original style of storytelling, directing and cinematography. A new digital restoration of the film will be made available with the support of A Season of Classic Films.


Fiction / Yugoslavia / 1965
Director: Vojislav ‘Kokan’ Rakonjac.
Producers: Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Kino klub Beograd.
With: Dušan Janićijević, Bekim Fehmiu, Milena Dravić, Branka Petrić, Stojan Aranđelović.
Screenwriter: Aleksandar Obrenović.
Cinematography: Branko Perak.
Music: Archival.
Editing: Vuksan Lukovac.

Physical characteristics of first release: 35mm, 99’ (2718 meters), B&W, sound, Serbian.

Film copy screened during A Season of Classic Films: Restoration premiere. DCP 2K, 99’, Serbian.
Available subtitles: English.
Copyright: Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Kino klub Beograd.